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CAIR information

Kiwi Pediatrics participates in the California Immunization Registry (CAIR) coordinated in Alameda County by the Immunization Program of the Public Health Department. Kiwi Pediatrics provides disclosure to patients and parents as required by the Health and Safety Code Section 120440. This form is available online or in either of our offices.

Immunization Registry Notice to Parents

Immunizations (or shots) prevent serious diseases. Keeping track of the shots you have received can be hard. It’s especially hard if more than one doctor gave them. Doctors now use a secure computer system called an immunization registry to keep track of shots. If you change doctors, your new doctor can use the registry to see the shot record. It’s your right to choose if you want shot records shared in the California Immunization Registry.

How does a registry help you?

  • keeps track of all shots so you don’t miss any or get too many
  • sends reminders when you or your child need shots
  • gives you a copy of the shot record from the doctor
  • serves as a shot record for child care, school, or a new job

How does a registry help your health care team?

Doctors, nurses, health plans and public health agencies use the registry to:

  • see which shots are needed
  • remind you about shots needed
  • prevent disease in your community
  • help with record-keeping

Can schools or other programs see the registry?

Yes, but this is limited. Schools, child care and other agencies allowed under California law may:

  • see which shots children in their programs need
  • make sure children have all shots needed to start child care or school

What information can be shared in a registry?

  • patient’s name, sex, and birth place
  • parents’ or guardians’ names
  • limited information to identify patients
  • details about a patient’s shots

Information entered in the registry is treated like other private medical information. Misuse of the registry can be punished by law. Under California law, only your doctor’s office, health plan, or public health department may see your address and phone number.

Patient and Parent Rights

It’s your legal right to ask:

  • not to share your (or your child’s) registry shot records with others besides your doctor *
  • not to get shot appointment reminders from your doctor’s office
  • to look at a copy of your or your child’s shot records
  • who has seen the records or to have the doctor change any mistakes

    * By law, public health officials can also look at the registry in the case of a public health emergency.

If you want your or your child’s records in the registry, do nothing. You’re all done.

If you do not want Kiwi Pediatrics to share your immunization information in the registry, please call (510) 267-3230.