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California Fires and Health Recommendations

Melissa De La Mora

Kiwi is grateful for all fire personal battling the fires in the North Bay, and we hope for a rapid containment.  We wanted our patients to know as much as possible on how to stay safe in the East Bay.  The air quality forecast in the East Bay is considered unhealthy as of October 12, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s air quality website.  

Smoke is most likely to affect sensitive groups including: people with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children with asthma.

We recommend everyone limit the amount of time spent outdoors, and avoid any activities that require increased exertion while outdoors. While inside, keep doors and windows closed to avoid indoor smoke pollution. 

Anyone with asthma should have their albuterol rescue inhaler accessible to them at all times. Please call the office for an appointment if you feel you are having increased asthma symptoms. For after hours care, call 510-486-8344 to speak to an advice nurse who can help decide if a visit at the PERC clinic is needed, or if the child should be seen at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland's Emergency Department. 

To monitor local air quality, go to the Environmental Protection Agency air quality here.